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Hello, it's me again.

Am i writing to myself? Is someone reading?

I don't come here often because i doubt my writing or i'm just not proud of it. What can i say, we're our own worse critic.

So, where have i been and what have i been doing?

I've been living actually and minding my own business. I've eating healthy, working e.t.c, and 2021 has been a self rediscovery and and i'm loving it.

I did some travel to Faro and Lanzarote, i registered for swimming class which has boosted my confidence, i started a youtube channel and i went back to the studio, and i can't wait to release my first single in 2022

What i really enjoyed about 2021 is the art of me doing my own thing at my own pace. I dint put any unnecessary pressure on myself and the ladies in my circle have been inspiring. I mean the growth and the glow of each one of them, everyone winning at their own level and their own pace. So inspiring!

So what i'm trying to say is i'm so thankful for 2021 and i intend doing things at my own pace in 2022 but intentional. There will be new music and video in 2022 and cant wait to show you.

Wishing you a fantastic 2022 and hoping your dreams come through

Best wishes,


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