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It's almost the end of february and i'm surprised at how fast we got here. It was just yesterday that i opened my xmas present and ate a lot of food. But i'm grateful we're here and doing fine.

I've had lots happen to me for the past two months, good news and bad news... Sigh!

Well, the good news is, i am very sure that i'll be dropping singles this year because my songs are at the mixing stage and i'm really excited. I also got featured on a magazine, Plaudit.

On the sad part, i lost an amazing friend. I've never had my heart broken like this in a long time.

She was a dear friend, kind hearted and an amazing singer. I'm still at the processing stage and i'm beginning to accept that i will never see her or hear that voice again. She has left me with the presence of her absence and the loudness of her silence.

So i urge you to please check on your friends, make peace after you fall out because we never know when its our last day on earth. Life is to enjoy and experience and don't let little things stand in your way.

Till next time...

Bose Johnson

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