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My new single, Kite.

I recently dropped a single, kite. Written by me and produced by Skytimz.

Kite was written by just humming a tune over and over again, and eventually, i wrote 1st verse and the chorus. It took me ages to write the verse 2 because i had this block for the longest time and the second verse came to me while i was in the studio many months later.

Kite is a mid-tempo song that celebrates childhood and it's innocence, happiness and living freely with no responsibilities, and i made sure it was represent in the art designed by consequence studio on Fiverr.

The video was shot in lagos by a very good friend, Imicrod. It was a no/low budget video shot with a small camera at Jakande estate, Lagos. It was a fun shoot on a sunny day in a slum with a lots of water on the street. The picture was shot in Abuja by Chibuzo photography with my god-daughter, Ibukun, her cousin's, Eric and Emmanuel.

I also had the one and only Dirty Grandma, a comedy content creator who lifted our spirit with her role. She was funny and God, people kept stopping to say hello to her which slowed down he shoot a bit but it was fun to experience.

Kite is over 3 mins long, suitable for both old and young and i must say, it's an evergreen song. 'i'm bragging', lol. Click the link below to listen on spotify

I don't want to say too much about the song because i want you to go listen and watch because i would love to write more about the BTS. So, go listen, watch, follow on IG and subscribe to my youtube channel.

Thank you for reading, till next time...


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