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Bose Drops New Single - Dec 20

New single, There's a Place, drops on 29th December 2020.  Available on all the digital platforms.  The single is about solitude in a fast world.  It is a reflective song about being alone in the woods with my thoughts listening to nature and journaling.  Special thanks to Anna on violin, Rachel on cello and Mike on soundboard for their collaboration. 

Bose Featured in Ryan's Gig Guide - Dec 18

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Bose Releases her New EP - Nov 18

Bose has released her new EP, Concoction. It is composed of 5 tracks which feature a blend of soul, Afro-pop, reggae, and fuji. “My EP is an expression of my authentic self and I want to share the experience that has shaped my journey as a musician up to this point,“ said Bose.  The EP is a follow-up to her single “Yo Momma” in 2017 featuring Mystro.

Along with the EP, also marks the release of a video of a track from the EP, “There goes”.  The video is in a class of its own and expresses the love and admiration for a lover, or significant other, in an authentic, jazzy and sultry delivery, devoid of distracting effect and simply reflects the theme of the song.

Bose has performed on world stages in a career that spans over two decades. Her EP is a testimony to her wide varied musical experiences and influences.

November 2018

Latest Single Release "Yo Momma" - Apr 18

Bose Johnson releases her latest single “Yo Momma” (produced by Mystro).  Available on all digital and streaming music outlets, May 2017.

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