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I've been in Nigeria recently for a month and only just got back. It was fun and crazy if you ask me.

I went to shoot a new music video for my song 'first journey', and to attend my brother's wedding.

The shoot was a beautiful experience and i was so happy. I never knew i would be able to pull the amount of extras that showed up for the shoot. It was also with the help of my producer SkyTimz and the video director Frizzle n Bizzle.

The location for the shoot was at Lekki conservation centre and we were first welcomed by a peacock in it gloriousness and its showoffi-ness

So majestic, bold, proud, crowd pleaser and noisy.

Then suddenly, there was a chaotic noise on a tree, it was a Monkey.

It was trying to steal the peacocks thunder like, 'here i am', 'look at me', 'I'm here too'.

But instead of a wow for the Monkey, people started grabbing their belongings closer because monkey's are mischievous, trouble makers and snatchers.

We carried on with our makeup for the shoot, we shot an extra first, whom i'm not ready to reveal yet, lol! shhhhhhh. We had another amazing extra, a comedian (Ruth) aka @dirtygrandma_ on IG , who's turned a sister.

Please follow her link for more

The shoot took an entire day. I had friends like Mofe Bamuyiwa, Grace Ekpu (both are amazing photographer, lucky me), imicrod too, another fantastic videographer/photographer. Now how did i get this lucky to have these guys in my corner? I also had Yoyin on set who was eventually an extra, she's such a vibe. You'll see more of her in my next blog.

The rest of the shoot was in a bus. It was beautifully chaotic and funny. We drove back and forth the street till we got hungry. So we ordered for some food from a shop and continued the shoot

Make up time

Crew men in bus assembling

Mofe, Grand ma Ruth, and myself chatting from the bus.

The director Frizzle, asked i start the shoot with a prayer which i led and it ended with gratitude.

All went fine, there was no issue on set and we were all happy and had fun. I will be back with more story about the shoot.

Please watch this space and i hope to be back here before you know it.

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The amazing director himself, Frizzle.

Frizzle has an amazing crew, gentlemen and very professional.

A lovely lady too whom i dint get her name because she was so focused.


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