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Why you should visit Portugal

After being imprisoned by covid for almost 2 years, not travelling and doing the same thing for so long, i had the opportunity to travel. But before we get to the sweet bit, let's talk about the new stress before travelling. The covid tests before you travel, the series of documents you have to fill, the queue at the airport due to Brexit, (what were we thinking) and so on....... it wasn't fun.

But we made it to Faro, Portugal, 3 hrs flight from Birmingham.

Arriving Faro, the weather was sunny and beautiful, it seemed like an old town, with cobblestone floors, old buildings, narrow roads, the seaside and locals that sound Spanish but no they were speaking Portuguese. I will say its an old Mediterranean traditional town with a simplicity that i saw last when i was i child in Nigeria.

No noise pollution, old cars with lots of not so glamorous restaurant and lots of locals selling raffia bags.

Then we went to harbour one of the afternoons where there's a local market, with lots of tourist, fish sellers, boats, lots of tourist and golf player.. 'on a side note, Portugal is famous for its golf course and weather which i'm not so sure why'. The sea and the cloud was so blue that it made the boats whiter.

I've never seen anything this peacefully beautiful in a long time. The atmosphere blended with the laughers of people sitting by the seaside eating, those strolling hand in hand, some helping each other apply sunscreen and some just lying on the bench chilling.

We had some seafood and i think they might worship seafood here because it's all they eat. They eat lots of mackerel too which seems to be starters with some bread and dips

The next day we visited an island which had this beautiful wooden building and at the far end is a nude beach... lol. I just kept walking, next time baby, next time

The nude beach sign....., not brave today.

I will say if you need a place to visit with not so much craziness and some easy going holiday, Faro is the place and its pretty safe. We stayed at a new hotel 3HB hotel with a pool at the top. Nice staff, food and simple.

So if you ever decide to travel to Faro.. please let me know.

Thanks for reading...


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