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Last days of summer

It's funny how we're at the tail of summer and i've been saying to myself, 'it's been a short summer', lol.

I mean, i guess i've forgotten about the recent heatwave we had, the hot nights, how i complained about it, the constant headache i had as a result of the hotness and oh!, How i looked forward to summer.

.....and what does this tell me? It tells me that sometimes, we're not satisfied. We don't appreciate what we have or maybe sometimes we're not contented.

So i smacked myself on the wrist and whispered to myself, 'BE GRATEFUL BOSE'. Enjoy what you've got because Germany had a flood, turkey had fire and what other place on planet earth.

So i'm no longer a whiney bunny as i intend to enjoy the last days of summer by having cold drinks, spending time outside, taking walk and wearing simple clothing as we will all be layering soon.

Also, i will try to remind myself often to appreciate the present and what i've/we've got.

So, enjoy every day and be grateful.

Bose Johnson

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